Connecting job seekers and employers through education and training.
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Mission Statement
Mesquite Works' primary purpose is to provide training opportunities for jobseekers and businesses of the Virgin and Moapa Valleys of southern Nevada and the Arizona Strip communities of Beaver Dam, Scenic and Littlefield. This will include, but not be limited to assessment, counseling, individual planning, resources, tools and training that lead to meaningful employment and self-sufficiency at a living wage. Mesquite Works is a 501 (c)3.

Our Team
We are here to help!
Mesquite Works Vista Volunteers pictured above from left to right Maggie Calhoun and MarDee Harper.

Photo Credit: Stephanie  Frehner, Mesquite Local News

About Us
Mesquite Works Board

(top row from left to right )
Hal Mortensen, Yori Ludvigson, Vernon Robison, Darlene Montague, Lael Calton, Brenda Snell, Kimberly Woolsey, Shelly Stoiber, Rachel Dahl, Maggie Calhoun, Rich Green, MarDee Harper, Nick Montoya, Maria Stevens

(Bottom row left to right)
Rob Fuller, Burton Weast, George Gault, Patrick O'Neal

Not Pictured: Wendy Kinney, David Bennet, Israel Hernandez, Whitney Badger, Stephanie Frehner

Photo Credit: Stephanie Frehner, Mesquite Local News
Mesquite Works Executive Board
(left to right)

Darlene Montague- Secretary
College of Southern Nevada

George Gault- Vice Chair
Vista Volunteer Supervisor

Burton Weast - Chairman
Axxiom Resources

Rich Green- Treasurer
Mesquite City Councilman

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